Big Boys Gone Bananas!* - Debate

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*/Bananenmaffia
Voertaal: Engels

When & where?

dinsdag 27 maart 2012 - 19:30

Debate on the war between journalism and multinationals, the weak spots in journalism and the dubious developments involving PR and spin doctors, with director Fredrik Gertten, spindoctor Jack de Vries and researcher Mirjam Prenger. Moderator is Eric Smit (Nina Brink biographer).

Fredrik Gertten is a Swedish director and journalist. He established the WG Film production company in 1994. Before that, he worked as a correspondent and columnist for radio, television and print media in Africa, Latin America and Asia. These days, he works as a filmmaker and creative producer for his privately owned WG Films company. His 2009 documentary BANANAS!* was the subject of controversy when Dole Food filed a lawsuit against him and his company and launched a smear campaign against the director and his film.


Eric Smit is a Dutch journalist and publicist. He was a research journalist writing for Quote magazine from 1999 on, eventually becoming assistant editor-in-chief. Starting in 2008, he worked on a book about businesswoman Nina Brink; the book was published in spring of 2010 and sold well (it made it into the CPNB’s Bestseller 60), but also led to a series of lawsuits between Brink and Smit.


Mirjam Prenger has been a Journalism lecturer in the Master’s programme in Journalism in Media at the University of Amsterdam since 2003. She also coordinates the Research and Editing specialisation in that programme. She recently collaborated with three colleagues on a study entitled ‘Gevaarlijk Spel’ (Dangerous Game) on the relationship between PR, public information and journalism.