Sinner in Mecca Nice People Atomic Heart
Sinner in Mecca Nice People Atomic Heart
Rainbow Still Experimenter Krigen
Rainbow Still Experimenter Krigen
Frame by Frame This is Exile The Land of the Enlightened
Frame by Frame This is Exile The Land of the Enlightened

Esc Ctrl Talk show

Forbidden Voices
Voertaal: English

When & where?

zondag 24 maart 2013 - 16:30

Where does the right to information stop? Is censorship allowed for the sake of democracy? Hactivism or Cyber Crime? What is more important: sharing of information or witness protection? Movies that Matter presents Esc Ctrl with films, a talk show and live music.


The films in the theme programme ESC Ctrl are: High Tech, Low LifeForbidden Voices and  WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies.


The Talk show about journalistic dilemma's in a digital era will be presented by Daphne van der Kroft (XS4all). Guests include:

  • Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez from Forbidden Voices, who became world famous with her blog 'Generación Y' 
  • WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies director Patrick Forbes who was detained twice for a disclosure working as a research journalist
  • Chinese blogger Zola from High Tech, Low Life who makes journalistic road trips across China
  • MEP Marietje Schaake, writer of the first Digital Freedom Strategy for the European Union
  • Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, director of Witness, winner of the Information Knight Challenge


At 17.30 there will be live music by multi-instrumentalist Our Man From Odessa (OMFO)

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