No Fire Zone - Q&A with Michael Nollet and Chaminda Weerawardana

No Fire Zone – The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka
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zaterdag 23 maart 2013 - 12:30

Q&A with film editor Michael Nollet and Sri Lankan academic Chaminda Weerawardana. 


Michael Nollet is editor of No Fire Zone. Since graduating from FT2 (Freelance Film and Television Training) in 2001, Michael went on to edit short films for the Royal College of Art (Winner Best Editor 2001) and assisted on drama feature films with a broad range of directors (Ridley Scott, Andrea Arnold, Michael Winterbottom) where he learnt from editors including Dody Dorn ACE (Memento, Insomnia, Kingdom of Heaven), John Wilson ACE (Billy Elliot, The History Boys) and David Charap (My Summer of Love). Starting his editing career cutting short film drama for the UK Film Council and for many other independent award-winning shorts, Michael then began working in documentary editing in 2005 where he has worked for BBC, Channel 4, Wall to Wall, Darlow Smithson, US History Channel, Coded Pictures, Steadfast Television and the UK Film Council.


Chaminda Weerawardhana (Kandy, Sri Lanka), is a PhD candidate at the University Utrecht. He works on a comparative study of conflict management in Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka during the 2000s