Camp 14 - Q&A with Shin-dong Huyk and the director

Camp 14: Total Control Zone
Voertaal: English

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zondag 24 maart 2013 - 12:00

Q&A with Shin-dong Huyk and director Marc Wiese. Moderator is Pieter Fleury.


Shin Dong-hyuk (30), portrayed in  Camp 14: Total Control Zone, was born in a North Korean concentration camp, where labour slaves are sentenced to spend the rest of their lives. He is the only person known to have escaped from such a camp. Now he works tirelessly to tell the world about the North Korean atrocities. Read more about Shin Dong-hyuk.



Marc Wiese was born in Dortmund, Germany. He has been directing documentaries for television and cinema for over fifteen years. His films include DEATH BY DELIVERY (01), RADOVAN KARADZIC: MOST WANTED? (04), WARKIDS – YOUTH IN PALESTINE (05), KANUN – BLOOD FOR HONOUR(07), THE PICTURE OF THE NAPALM GIRL (10), and CAMP 14 – TOTAL CONTROL ZONE (12).