Angry Man China Blue Korean Army Girls
Billin'My Love 727 Tage Ohne Karamo Dangerous Games
The Act of Killing Ghezi Plein - Istanbul 2013 Garage Olympo

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As an international centre of expertise, Movies that Matter informs Dutch and foreign organisations about human rights films.

A huge number of film productions have documented or portrayed human rights abuses, ranging from big ‘Hollywood’ productions to non-western documentaries produced with limited financial resources. Movies that Matter aims to select ‘truth-loving’ films that convey a strong cinematographic and communicative message. Faced with the wide variety of human rights issues, Movies that Matter attempts to strike a balance between topical and long-term subject matters, and between problem-focused and solution-oriented films. 

You can use our online search engine to find a selection of these films. You will find films and documentaries of varying lengths dealing with different subjects, situations and countries. 

For information on how to organise a filmscreening in countries outside The Netherlands, please go here.

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