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Movies that Matter International Support

Use the power of film to promote human rights and social justice

Movies that Matter promotes human rights film screenings worldwide. We offer grant for screening human rights films, advice, a workshop programme for  festival organisers thereby stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Movies that Matter specifically focuses on film screenings in developing countries with limited resources and places where press freedom is at stake. Many of the supported activities take place in emerging democracies. Besides this we run the secretariat of the Human Rights Film Network, a network of more than 40 human rights film festivals worldwide.


Movies that Matter believes in the compelling power of film. Committed to the promotion and a wider circulation of human rights cinema worldwide, the Movies that Matter's International Support Programme offers small grants to stage human rights film events in countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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Cinema without Borders is a workshop programme on setting up a human rights film festival. It gives starting festival organisers the chance to gather practical knowledge about organisational affairs, and provides good networking opportunities. The latest edition of this workshop programme took place in November 2015.

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Find information on almost 800 high quality human rights films in our film database. Movies that Matter continually adds new features, documentaries and short films to this selection. In the educational search engine you will find films Movies that Matter recommends for educational purposes.


Do you want to organise a film festival or host a screening, but you don’t know where to start? Do you need more information on what films to choose for your project or how to clear the rights? Do you have questions on how to fund your project? Read more 

International events

Every year Movies that Matter organises activities to further stimulate the distribution of human rights films worldwide.
Movies that Matter also presents film programmes at other film festivals, Dutch embassies, and provides trainings and lectures. 

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Human rights film festivals are organised all over the world, from Seoul to Prague, from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires, from Kiev to Ouagadougou. In 2004, the Human Rights Film Network was established as an informal alliance between 14 film festivals worldwide and grew to 41 human rights film festivals in 2016. Movies that Matter is one of the founding members and coordinator of the Human Rights Film Network.


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