Angry Man China Blue Korean Army Girls
Billin'My Love 727 Tage Ohne Karamo Dangerous Games
The Act of Killing Ghezi Plein - Istanbul 2013 Garage Olympo

Other Human Rights Film Festivals

Afghanistan - Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival (since 2011)
Albania - Human Rights Film Festival Albania (since 2006)

Argentina - Cine Migrante (since 2010)

Botswana - Ditshwanelo Human Rights Film Festival (since 2008)

Cambodia - Free Your Minds (since 2012)

Cameroon - Bamenda Human Rights Film Festival, Bamenda (since 2011)

China - Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Hong Kong (since 2010) 

Colombia - Derecho a Ver, Cali (since 2011)

Cote d'Ivoire - Ciné Droit Libre, Abidjan (since 2008)

East Timor - Timor Leste Human Rights Film Festival

Egypt - Cairo Human Rights Film Festival

Guatemala - Festival de Cine en la Calle 2015

Kenya - FilmAid Film Festival

Kyrgyzstan - Bir Duino (One World) Kyrgyzstan

Libya - Tripoli Human Rights Film Festival (since 2012)

Nepal - Bato Ko Cinema

Nepal - Human Rights International Film Festival (since 2011) 

Niger - FIFIDHO, Niamey (since 2012)

Palestine - Karama Human Rights Film Festival Gaza

Philippines - Active Vista

Philippines - Sine Karbengan (since 2011)

Philippines - Truth Cinema

Romania - One World Romania (since 2008) 

Russia - Stalker, Moscow (since 1995) 

Slovakia - Jeden Svet (One World) (since 2000)

Spain - Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona (since 2004) 

Spain - Human Rights Film Festival of Valencia

Togo - Cinema Droits Humains (since 2007) 

Tunisia- Human Screen/ L'Ecran des Humains (since 2012) 

United Kingdom - Take One Action 
USA (Utica, NY) - Unspoken 

USA (San Francisco) - Human Rights Film Festival (since 2003)

Other Film Festival Colleagues & Friends

Armenia - KIN International Women Film Festival

Bosnia Herzegovina - Sarajevo Film Festival (presents Human Rights Award)

Cameroon - Mis Me Binga

China - China Queer Film Festival

Croatia - ZagrebDox (presents HR Award)

Denmark - CPH:DOX (presents HR Award)

Germany - Berlin International Film Festival (presents HR Award)

Germany - Unabhängigen FilmFestes Osnabrück (presents HR Award)

Georgia - CinéDoc

India - Flashpoint, Delhi, Mumbai 

India - Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

Ireland - Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival

Italy - Pesaro Film Festival (presents HR Award)\

Kosovo - Rolling Film Festival

Kosovo - Dokufest, Prizren (presents HR Award)

Macedonia - MakeDox, Skopje (presents HR Award)

Mexico - Documental Ambulante

Mexico - DocsDF (presents HR Award)

The Netherlands - International Documentary Festival Amsterdam

Palestine -The Palestinian Mobile Cinema

Peru - Grupo Chaski

Peru - DocuPeru, travelling

Portugal - IndieLisboa (presents HR Award)

Romania - FreeReel Mobile Cinema

Russia - Side By Side

South Africa - Durban International Film Festival

Turkey - DocumentarIST, Istanbul (presents HR Award)

UAE - Dubai International Film Festival (presents HR Award)  

Uruguay - Llamale H

USA - Artivist Film Festival, L.A. (presents HR Award)  

Zimbabwe - International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF)

Other film organisations

Germany, Cinema for Peace - provides support of film projects that focus on humanitarian and justice issues (presents Human Rights Film Award).

Ireland, Irish Council for Civil Liberties - Human Rights Film Competition on human rights issues in or related to Ireland.

Ireland, Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy 

Italy, ESoDoc – European Social Documentary is a training initiative for activist documentary filmmakers.

The Netherlands, IDFA Bertha Fund - The IDFA Bertha Fund, formerly known as the Jan Vrijman Fund, supports documentary filmmakers and festivals in developing countries.

The Netherlands, Hubert Bals Fund - The Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) is an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam that provides grants to remarkable cinema projects in various stages of completion.

The Netherlands, Mobile Cinema Foundation - assists and collaborates with filmmakers and civil society organisations in setting up Mobile Cinema projects all around the world.

South Africa, Steps - Great Stories Can Change Our World - Steps is a new way of enabling millions of people to see and experience the best of contemporary documentary film through broadcast and cross-media platforms.

UK, The Good Pitch - brings together filmmakers with NGOs, foundations, philanthropists, brands and media around leading social issues – to forge coalitions and campaigns.

USA, SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards)

USA, Witness - uses video and other technology to fight for human rights.

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Steps - Great Stories Can Change Our World

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Autumn Human Rights Film Festival 2010, Afghanistan

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Kashish India, 2013

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Tripoli Human Rights Film Festival, Libya

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Rolling Film Festival 2012, Kosovo

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China Queer Film Festival

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Mis Me Binga, Cameroon

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Cine Migrante, Argentina

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Documentarist, Turkey

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Guth Gafa, Ireland

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Cinema for Peace, Germany

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