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Apply for funding

NEXT DEADLINE : 17 April 2017

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To apply, you should:

  • Read the selection criteria and general regulations below to see if your project meets the basic criteria.
  • Fill out the  entry form and
  • Fill out the online personal data form

If you encounter any problems while submitting the application, please contact our office at international (at)

Start-up & Impact Grants

- Movies that Matter supports projects in their initial phase. Only the 1st and 2nd edition can be supported through a start-up grant.
- The maximum support of a start-up grant is € 7,500 per project.
- Movies that Matter is prepared to offer a start-up grant according to the following rules:
    1st time: up to 100% of total project costs
    2nd time: up to 75% of total project costs.

- The impact grant is intended for more established projects. 
- The maximum support of an impact grant is € 10,000 per project.
- The Impact Grant can never cover more than 50% of total project costs.

selection criteria

  • Film screenings will contribute to discussion about human rights in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East or Eastern Europe.
  • Movies that Matter values films with high cinematic quality.
  • Movies that Matter prefers films that are independently produced. Screenings of NGO outreach films are not supported.
  • Movies that Matter values projects targeting youths or new audiences that do not regularly attend film screenings and discussion programmes, for instance in peripheral areas.
  • Movies that Matter gives priority to small and medium-scale projects with a total budget up to € 50,000. 

  • The project takes place in one of the countries as defined on the DAC List of ODA recipients and/ or countries where press freedom is seriously at stake, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East or Eastern Europe. With respect to this DAC List of ODA recipients, Movies that Matter gives priority to projects in “Least Developed Countries”, “Other Low Income Countries” and “Lower Middle Income Countries”.
  • Projects should be submitted and executed by a local organisation that is well-connected with the target audience. 
  • Projects are organised and executed by, or in close cooperation with, human rights organisations.
  • The application consists of a well-wrought and complete plan and budget (see entry form for all required information).
  • A reasonable degree of professionalism of the organisation is required, both financially and organisationally.

general regulations

  • Movies that Matter does not support film production. 
  • Total costs of the project can never exceed € 100,000,-.
  • Organisations can be supported for a maximum of five times.
  • NOTE: ADJUSTED REGULATIONProjects should not start within 80 days after the deadline. (The selection process takes around 50 to 60 days.) Projects starting before July 2017 can therefore not be considered. 
  • NOTE: ADJUSTED REGULATION: Movies that Matter does not support filmmakers and producers distributing their own film(s).
  • Application forms must be filled out in English. Additional material should be in English as well. If applying in English is a serious problem, please contact our office.
  • Application forms must be filled out completely.
  • Applications must be received ultimately on the deadline.
  • If an earlier edition of the project was also supported by Movies that Matter a narrative and financial report of this project should be received before you can apply for a new project.
  • For every project the applicant needs to submit a new application.
  • The application form should be attached to the filled out online personal data form. If you have problems uploading the application form online, please send it by e-mail to international (at)
  • Documents and additional material should be clearly marked with the project title.
  • If your project concerns one specific film, that film should be finished at the time of submitting the application. Please send us a link for online viewing.
  • The result of the selection will be announced within two months after the application deadline.


  • If you have any questions concerning the application, please contact Eric van de Giessen or Julie Nederkoorn
    at 0031-(0)20-7733630 or international(at)
  • If you would like to see an example of a budget, click here. 
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