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Ambassador Rachel Khoo about 'In Your Arms'

March 12, 2016

MtM ambassador Rachel Khoo wrote a blog about the Danish fiction film In Your Arms, which will be screened at the Movies that Matter Festival. Niels, who is terminally ill, has one last wish before dying: a one-way trip to Switzerland. Maria, nurse in search of self-confidence, decides to help him. Together they go on a road trip that takes them from Denmark through Hamburg to Switzerland. On the road, they get closer to one another and to realizing their dreams along the way.

Read the intro to Rachel's blog below:
Imagine this scenario: you suffer from a debilitating illness and you have lost almost all motor skills. As the days go by, you feel trapped in your own body and feel that your existence is somewhat arbitrary- that you have no reason to keep on living. If you had the opportunity to end your life, would you take it? Read more.

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