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Propaganda posters North-Korea

March 21, 2016

During the festival there is an exposition of North-Korean propaganda posters in Studio A (the space between Filmhuis Den Haag and Theater aan het Spui). The Dutch philatelist Willem van der Bijl (63) got fascinated by the country of North-Korea and collected propaganda posters during ten years, during his travels to ‘the Hermit Kingdom’.

Van der Bijl had an office in the capitol city Pyongyang, but since 2011 he is not welcome in the country anymore. After 24 visits to the country the North-Korean authorities had enough of his nosing around. They arrested the stamp collector from Utrecht and locked him up. For two weeks in a row they questioned him for no less than fifteen hours a day and eventually kicked him out of the country. This meant an ending to not only his travels to North-Korea but also put an end to collecting the propaganda posters.

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