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'NN' in Apeldoorn, Middelburg, Hilversum and Groningen

April 12, 2016

In April MtM On Tour presents: NN. Tonight you can go see this feature film in Gigant, Apeldoorn at 19.30 hrs, in Cinema Middelburg at 20.00 hrs, in Filmtheater Hilversum at 20.15 hrs and in Vera Zienema, Groningen at 21.00 hrs. After the screening there will be a Q&A. 

NN is about a group of forensic investigators in Peru who dig up the corps of an unknown person, twenty years after a violent period in politics. The only clue that might lead to the identification of this person is an old faded photo that is found in the clothes on the body. Fidel, a thoughtful investigator, is fascinated by the case. Even more so when a woman shows up who is still hoping to find her long lost husband. Fidel is faced with a moral dilemma between the human and the scientific approach to the investigation.

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