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'On the Other Side of Life' wins award for best feature film

September 23, 2010

On the Other Side of Life, a documentary of directors Stefanie Brockhaus and Andy Wolff, won the award for Best Feature Film at the Milano Film Festival.


Lucky and Bongani were abandoned by their mother shortly after birth. Both soon learned how to survive in Kumasi, a township in Cape Town. They know where to get drugs, where to get money, how to pick up girls and how to subsequently get rid of them. The two brothers, who were raised by their grandmother, do everything together: they share their bed and their food. And now they are both suspected of murder. In prison they get to know the other side of life, and learn who they have to obey and who can they give a dressing down. As newcomers, they are at the bottom of the hierarchy. When they are released on bail, a special initiation ritual in the countryside of East Cape awaits them. An intimate documentary about tough everyday life in a township.

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