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'Les Chevaliers Blancs' On Tour in Amersfoort, Eindhoven, Leiden and Maastricht

November 14, 2016

In November, Les Chevaliers Blancs is touring through the Netherlands in MtM On Tour. Tonight you can see the film in De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort, Natlab Eindhoven, Kijkhuis Leiden and Lumière Maastricht. After the screening a debate will take place.

Les Chevaliers Blancs is based on the true story of a French humanitarian organization which abused its status in 2007 to take children out of Chad for French adoptive parents. Vincent Lindon plays Jacques Arnault, head of the NGO Move for Kids who, with his team, tries to get three hundred orphaned children out of war-torn Chad. What can be wrong with that? Surely nothing. The members of the team – and the viewer – are soon confronted with a minefield of moral dilemmas.

Click here to see more showtimes, theatres and other On Tour-films.
You can also watch this film online via Filmthuis.

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