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Tragicomic satire from Colombia to kick off the festival

January 28, 2011

Todos tus muertos will kick off the Movies that Matter Festival on Thursday 24 March. In this absurd movie, Colombian director Carlos Moreno sheds a tragicomic light on the civil war in Colombia.


Squinting farmer Salvador's daily routine is cruelly disrupted when he discovers a pile of dead bodies in his cornfield, on what happens to be Election Day. Aghast, Salvador goes to the village to report the massacre, but no one seems to be interested. The mayor and police lieutenant turn a blind eye to the dead bodies, which could jeopardize the elections. Fearful of unleashing a public scandal, they do everything in their power to cover up the murders. However, mosquitoes, rumors and a tenacious human rights organization make it difficult for them to stifle the affair.

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