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Princess Mabel at A Matter of ACT Night

March 10, 2010

Just like last year, princess Mabel van Oranje will be a guest at the Movies that Matter Festival. She will be present at the A Matter of ACT Night, Saturday the 27th of March. This night Amnesty International and Movies that Matter Festival will bring a homage to the ten guests of the A Matter of ACT programme.

Taco Ruighaver, director of the festival, will hand over the first copy of a book about the work and lifes of the ten human rights activists to princess Mabel. She will meet the activists at a dinner prior to the A Matter of ACT Night.

Princess Manel is CEO of The Elders, a board of world leaders and other prominent persons like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Su Kyi anp Jimmy Carter. Last year princess Mabel opened the Movies that Matter Festival.


A Matter of ACT, the festival programme of Amnesty International, presents films about and meetings with ten prominent human rights activists all over the world.


Would you like to get a copy of the A Matter of ACT book? You can order it at the webshop of Amnesty International soon. You will receive the book early April, just after the festival.

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