Movies that Matter and Holland Doc 24

Movies that Matter and Holland Doc 24

March 28, 2011

Documentary channel Holland Doc 24 has composed a seven-days programme about human rights, inspired by the Movies that Matter Festival. You have the possibility to watch a movies that matter selection from the 26th of March until the first of April on their website and digital television channel.


Ayfer Argün, documentary maker and employee at Amnesty International, selected among other the documentaries The 10 Conditions of Love and Suddenly, Last Winter. Holland Doc 24 will also feature some of Ayfers' work, including the Dutch productions Tegen mijn wil and Een os voor een baby. She will introduce every film shortly.


Holland Doc 24 is documentary channel, which broadcast documentaries digitally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Holland Doc also features documentaries at Nederland 2 every Thursday night. The Movies that Matter blog on the website of Holland Doc will inform you about unique movies, interesting guests and other festival news.


More information and screening dates will be available at the website of Holland Doc.