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Highlights March 28: introduction Robert Chesal and Youth Party Politics Panel

March 28, 2011

Monday the 28th of March the Movies that Matter Festival presents an introduction of Robert Chesal, Journalist of the Year, prior to Agnus Dei and the Youth Party Politics Panel after the screening of Neukölln Unlimited.


Last Thursday, the 24th of March, Robert Chesal introduced Agnus Dei. Because of the enthousiastic and heated reactions of the audience he decided to stay to talk with the audience after the screening. Monday the 28th of March at 17.15 hrs he will be present again at the impressive documentary Agnus Dei.


At 19.15 hrs the documentary Neukölln Unlimited will be screened. After the screening, the leaders of the Dutch youth parties will debate about migration in Europe. Ferry Mingelen is the moderator.


Sjaak Bral introduces Plato's Academy at 20.30 hrs.

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