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Touch table of Holland Doc at Festival

March 19, 2010

The documentary platform Holland Doc presents one of the latest things in the area of multimedia at the Movies that Matter Festival: a multi user touch table. Several people can take place at the table and watch fragments of documentaries at the same time. The touch table offers also the possibility to send videos to relatives and friends.


The table shows fragments and trailers of the 'on demand' collection of the website of Holland Doc. Holland Doc has made  a selection of human rights film fragments and leading film hits with international issues particularly for the Movies that Matter Festival. If you would like to see the complete documentary, enter your email address and you will receive the film in your inbox to watch it at home.


The touch table also screens City One Minutes, one-minute-videos from different cities from all over the world, Mensjesrechten, short videos about rights of children in The Netherlands and trailers of festival films.

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