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Last Chance to see the documentary-thriller Give Up Tomorrow

March 28, 2012

In the mood for a thriller? Today's the last chance to see the award-winning documentary  Give Up Tomorrow, about what is considered to be the court case of the century in the Philippines. Be quick; there are only a few tickets left!  At 4.00 hrs pm in Filmhuis Den Haag, zaal 4.

Give Up Tomorrow is a chronicle that exposes a Kafkaesque world of corruption, sensation-seeking media, two grieving mothers and a cesspit of injustice: a criminal who didn’t commit the crime, a murder mystery without a body. If it weren’t a true story, you’d never believe it.

After the screening there will be a debate with producer Marty Syjuco and Filipino human rights defender Audrey Beltran, chaired by Jonathan Groubert.


The debate will address what lies behind the miscarriage of justice revealed in the film, covering the political and economic context in which the film takes place and the role of the media.

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