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Movies that Matter Festival at GoedTV

March 23, 2010

GoedTV spends a lot of time on the Movies that Matter Festival. An overview of the programme:


Documentary "Lucanamarca" - Wednesday 24 March 22.00 hrs

On April 3rd 1983, members of 'The Shining Path' guerilla
movement ordered a bloodbath in the Peruvian village of
Lucanamarca. This documentary reconstructs the day 69 villagers lost their lives,and sketches a portrait of a society repressed for decades by The Shining Path's brutal violence.

Every night a Special during the week of the festival - from 22.00 hrs
During the week of the festival, from 25-31 March, GoedTV broadcasts, from Friday the 26th of March on at 22.00 hrs, a report of the opening night of the festival. From 27-31 March the channel will broadcast a few beautiful portrays of the human rights activists and documentaries.

The award ceremony & all specials at GoedTV - Sunday 4 April 16.00 hrs/ 22.30 hrs
Sunday 4 April GoedTV broadcasts once again all specials of the Movies that Matter Festival. The opening nights, the portrays of the human rights activists and the award ceremony.
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