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premiere '5 broken cameras' in Israel

July 12, 2012

This week at the Jerusalem Film Festival the Israeli Premiere of 5 Broken Cameras took place.The theater was full and the reaction to the film strong and emotional. Director Emad Burnat called to the stage a few friends of Bil'in that were permitted to attend and Israeli activists friends, among them: Yisrael Puterman, additional cameraman of the film that appears in "5 Broken Cameras", Shai Carmeli Pollak, director of the documentary "Bil'in, My love" and Lymor Goldstein, an Israeli activist and lawyer who was shot in his head by soldiers in Bil'in.

Quotes from reviews of the film in Israel:
Shmulik Duvdevani of "Yedioot Achronot" and YNET, the most popular Israeli Newspaper and Internet site:
"This is one of the best and most important films that were made here in the last years"
Avner Shavit of 'Walla', the second biggest Israeli Internet site wrote " Intensive, authentic and most importantly a refreshing and enlightening point of view ...This is THE real thing"

The Festival Israeli documentary competition winners will be announced on Friday the 13th. "5 Broken Cameras" will be screened in Israeli TV Channel 8 in August and will be out in Israeli Cinemateques network in the Autumn.

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