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Side by Side LGBT Film Festival not silenced by Russian Law

October 25, 2012

Russia’s Homophobic and Discriminatory Laws will not Silence Saint Petersburg’s Side by Side LGBT Film Festival which Starts 25th October and Runs through to 3 November, 2012.


In the face of increasing discrimination and violence towards the LGBT community in Russia organizers of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival remain defiant. Throughout the course of the ten festival days maximum visibility and openness will be sort in order to bring the message of respect and human rights of LGBT people in Russia home to the public and authorities.


The major theme for this year is local and global processes of the LGBT movement, exploring the discourses and practices relating to LGBT politics, activism, sexual and gender identity rights at local and global levels. In total 37 films will be screened and among the countries providing the focus are Russia, Uganda, China, Cuba, Chile and South Africa, places where LGBT movements are still in their infancy and face great opposition.

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