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Gay Monday

March 29, 2010

Monday, 29 March is GAY MONDAY in Theater aan het Spui. In the God Save the Queer Talkshow, Jacobine Geel talks with bar owner, gay activist and city councillor for Jerusalem Sa'ar Netanel of City of Borders, Italian filmmakers and gay activists Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi of Suddenly Last Winter, activists from Pakistan and India, and Ricardo Lemmer from The Hague. With music and a performance by Dolly Bellefleur.


In cooperation with the Hivos-NCDO Cultural Fund, the festival presents a programme about the tense relations between religion and gay rights: God Save the Queer. The programme features screenings of Suddenly, Last Winter, Not Quite the Taliban, City of Borders, Eyes Wide Open and Milk.


The programme of Monday 29 March is as follows:

15.30 hrs Milk, Filmhuis Den Haag 4

17.00 hrs Not Quite the Taliban, Theater aan het Spui 2

19.00 hrs Suddenly, Last Winter, Theater aan het Spui 2 

20.30 hrs Talkshow with gay activists from all over the world and a performance by Dolly Bellefleur, Theater aan het Spui foyer

22.00 hrs City of Borders, Theater aan het Spui 2

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