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Senegal – AfricanBamba Festival

December 05, 2012

The first edition of the AfricanBamba Human Rights Film and Arts Festival is on its way. It will be inaugurated from 5-9 December with a program of ten open-air film screenings, debates, lots of music concerts, arts exhibition and sport events to raise awareness on social contemporary issues affecting young people, migration and the environment. The 5-day festival takes place in Thiaroye, one of the banlieus of Dakar. In addition to the five-day event in Thiaroye, the festival will visit the ocean locations of Malika and Guedjowaye (not far from Dakar) with open-air film screenings and a concert. The films and debates deal with social issues such as migration, poverty and the environment, themes that are close the community. The festival aims to be an opportunity for community building and creating alliances for the process of empowerment, education and for the voicing of the concerns of the community and hopes to welcome 8.000 youths.

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