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4 films from the top 10 Audience Award also at Movies that Matter Festival 2013

February 05, 2013

We are very proud that 4 films from the top 10 Audience Award of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 will also be screened at our upcoming festival, 21-27 March in The Hague: Wadjda, Les Chevaux de Dieu, No en Nairobi Half Life.


Wadjda: Wadjda is 10 years old, lives in Saudi Arabia and wants a green bicycle. Her conservative surroundings think that a girl should not be on a bicycle, but Wadjda perseveres. The first feature ever made in Saudi Arabia was directed by its first female filmmaker.


Les Chevaux de Dieu: It is dusty and hectic in the Moroccan slums where the brothers Yachine and Hamid grow up in a world of drugs and crime. Gruesome film in which a poverty-stricken community becomes a breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalism and extremism.


No: Chilean adman (Gael García Bernal) doesn't know much about politics. But when the opposition is allowed to hold a referendum on Pinochet, he knows one thing for sure: 'No' can only win with a happy campaign. Made by the master chronicler of the Pinochet era: Larrain.


Nairobi Half Life: This debut is a catchy comedy, filled with unlikely plot turns that go with the genre and the colourful realism of real African life. The trump card is Joseph Wairimu, who makes his stunning acting debut as Mwas, a character who would really like to be an actor.


The complete programme of the Movies that Matter Festival 2013 will be online beginning of March. Ticket sales will start 7 March.

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