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Movies that Matter Supports first Film Festival in Burma

June 06, 2013

In the first selection process of the Movies that Matter Support Programme, nine film festivals and film distribution projects have been granted financial support. One of these projects is the first travelling film festival in Burma. The programme of this festival focuses on freedom of expression, freedom of religion and discrimination against women.


Movies that Matter also supports the Western Sahara International Film Festival (FiSahara). This annual event uses film to entertain and empower Sahrawi refugees and to raise international awareness about a forgotten crisis. In other parts of Africa there are also projects that will receive financial aid. In Cameroon the 3rd edition of the Bamenda Human Rights Travelling Film and Arts Festival will take place; a total of 30 film screenings will be held in community halls, school campuses and cafes all over the city. In addition to watching film, visitors can participate in 15 debates and enjoy a drawing exhibition on human rights. Read more.

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