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El Salvador - Memory on the move

July 09, 2013

The Museum of the Word and Image (MUPI), located in San Salvador, has initiated its film series “Memory, and yet it moves”. The program will organize twenty film forums in various schools, universities, and cultural centres, and will present films related to the themes of historical memory and human rights. These films were produced or conserved by the MUPI’s film library. 

The film forums are the result of a memory pedagogical experience that the MUPI launched throughout El Salvador with the support of Movies that Matter. The goal is to equip teachers and young students with audiovisual materials to facilitate the study of contemporary history. The project also helps to promote the values that are necessary for the construction of democracy, social inclusion and responsible citizenship. In the first phase of the series, films such as 1932; the Scar of Memory, The Word in the Forest and The Children of Memory were presented.

Every year Movies that Matter supports many human rights film screenings. More information on the Movies that Matter Support Programme can be found at

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