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Movies that Matter @ the Peace Palace

August 31, 2013
In August The Peace Palace,  worldwide icon of Peace and Justice, celebrates its centennial anniversary. To celebrate this, Movies that Matter will screen the award winning documentary Give Up Tomorrow on Thursday 5 September at the historical garden of the Peace Palace. This documentary highlights the progress of what is seen in the Philippines as the trial of the century. Give Up Tomorrow is a chronicle which exposes a Kafkaesque world of corruption, injustice, two grieving mothers and sensationalist media.
The film will be introduced by Geraldine Coughlan, former BBC correspondent in The Hague, and current director at GCC Law & Media. The film screening is the closing event of a day about the role of the media, law and justice. This day also the World Press Photo Exhibition can be visited in the impressive entrance hall of the Peace Palace. Click here for more information and ticketing.
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