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'Europe at Heart' short film competition

September 03, 2013

What is going on with the European project? Whereas a lot of Europeans feel at lost and in distress regarding the EU, many outsiders still see Europe as a place of refuge and longing. New hopes alternate with feelings of despair among many in the European Union. New and old cleavages between North and South are opening up. Is the project threatened? Can it reinvent itself?


Europe at Heart invites you to send in your idea of a short film that expresses your awareness of life in Europe and your attitude towards Europe. The project shows your point of view on the current political and economic situation and expresses your hopes about the direction Europe should move towards – between globalization and our “European home”, between cultural diversity, a clear focus on human rights, but also new racist movements, between educational opportunities and exclusion, between exploring own abilities in undreamed-of possibilities and new poverty. Deadline is September 15th. Read more.

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