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The Wonderful World of Ordinary People: films by Ken Loach

November 25, 2013

From Thursday, November 28th until December 18th Filmhuis Den Haag organises a wide programme 'The Wonderful World of Ordinary People', showcasing the works of Ken Loach. With the inexhaustible, instructive and inspiring film history this diverse and layered programme will be screened in 14 national filmtheaters throughout the Netherlands until February 28th. Loach will be present at the opening of the festival on Thursday November 28th.


The focus is on the most significant films from the works of Ken Loach. Attention is paid to the social realism in film history with an explicit link to the current political climate and the impact of neoliberalism on the 'common man'. His films about the troubles of the working class, failing governments and hopeless situations, combined with the 'always look on the bright side of life' British sense of humor make his work raw, fun and beautiful.
Besides the works of Ken Loach the festival 'The Wonderful World of Ordinary People' offers an extensive programme around the present-day topics of his social-realist films with art exhibitions, educational workshops, special lectures and debates. Read more.

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