Movies that Matter ◄► STALKER

Movies that Matter ◄► STALKER

December 10, 2013

At the occasion of the 2013 bilateral Netherlands-Russia Year, the Netherlands and Russia host a myriad of economic, cultural and social activities in both countries.


As a part of these activities, Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague presents an exchange programme with the Stalker Human Rights International Film Festival from Moscow. The Netherlands want to use the bilateral year to promote economic and social reforms in Russia by optimizing political dialogue, also on issues about which the Netherlands and Russia have diverging opinions. Movies that Matter and Stalker believe that an aesthetic and critical film and debate programme about freedom of expression should be part of this special year.


Movies that Matter ◄► (meets) STALKER is an exchange programme organized by the Stalker International Film Festival in Moscow and the Movies that Matter Festival to celebrate the Netherlands-Russia Year (NLRF 2013). The Stalker festival selected three Russian documentaries for screening in The Hague. The Movies that Matter Festival screened Winter, Go Away!, Tomorrow and 5 Minutes of Freedom. As we speak the Movies that Matter Festival director/programme maker, Taco Ruighaver, is present at the Stalker International Film Festival. He presents three of his favorite human rights films in Moscow. The programme consists of De Regels van Mathijs, by director Marc Schmidt. Schmidt films his childhood friend Mathijs, who as an autistic desperately tries to create order in the chaos around him. Another movie that will be shown is De Sekspolitie by Roy Dames. It is a unique glimpse into the daily grind of a Dutch detective named John, who fights a thankless battle against illegal prostitution and human trafficking. The third movie is Soldier on the Roof by Esther Hertog, a documentary about the tense daily life of a Jewish enclave in Hebron, where 800 colonists live among their 120,000 Palestinian neighbours.


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