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Togo - Cinematography & National Reconciliation

October 01, 2014

To raise awareness about impunity and corruption in Togolese society, the Togo-based Alliance Internationale pour les Droits Fondamentaux de l’Homme (AIDFH) organises a mobile cinema project. In cooperation with Amnesty International Togo, AIDFH coordinates film screenings in Sokodé, Kara and Savannah regions. In these regions the films Impunity by Juan José Lozane and Justice for Sale by Ilse andFemke van Velzen will be screened. These screenings are followed by debates about the need for reconciliation and the fight against impunity. Also workshops, radio programs and evening entertainment programs are organised. The mobile cinema project is scheduled for October and November 2014, and is expected to attract about 6,000 visitors from all over the country.

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