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'Siddharth' in Arnhem

January 21, 2015

Tonight at 19:00 hrs at Focus Filmtheater Arnhem the film Siddharth will be screened. Mahendra, a poor zipper repairman who offers his trade on the streets of an Indian provincial town can hardly make ends meet and decides to send his 12-year-old son Siddharth temporarily to a bigger city for work. Some months pass and the boy does not return home, leaving Mahendra worried and clueless about the whereabouts of his son. When local authorities inform him that Siddharth has possibly fallen into the hands of a human trafficker, he decides to undergo a search for him throughout the whole country. Beautifully depicted story, inspired by a real encounter with parents whose children went missing in India.

Go here for more information and other On Tour screenings.

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