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Four World Premieres in A Matter of ACT 2015

March 04, 2015

Well-known Egyptian author, activist and feminist Nawal el Saadawi (The Free Voice of Egypt) will be one of the prominent guests of Amnesty International’s main programme A Matter of ACT at the 2015 Movies that Matter Festival.

Denis Mukwege (The Man Who Mends Women) from Congo, former Chief Prosecutor Claudia Paz y Paz (Burden of Peace) and Russian human rights defender Ella Poliakova (Cargo 200) will attend the world premiere screening of documentaries about their lives. Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR about Edward Snowden will be screened as part of this programme that pays tribute to human rights defenders. Go here for an overview of the portraits of all the activists in the A Matter of ACT 2015 programme. Go here to read the press release.

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