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'Timbuktu' at ex-pats cinema in Lab111

September 03, 2015

Ex-pats cinema in Amsterdam screens some of the best foreign films distributed last year, with English subtitles. The new season kicks off on September 3 with a screening of the documentary Timbuktu, that openend the Movies that Matter Festival earlier this year.

Kidane and his family live peacefully in the dunes outside of Timbuktu. The city is in the hands of religious fundamentalists. Playing music, laughing, smoking and even football are forbidden. Women, too, are deprived of their rights. Every day, the improvised tribunal renders absurd and tragic judgments. The fate of Kidane and his family changes when Kidane accidentally kills fisherman Amadou, who had deliberately slaughtered his beloved cow. Kidane is now in the hands of the jihadists with their new laws. Timbuktu will be screened on September 3 at 20.45 hrs at Lab111 in Amsterdam.

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