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The Experiment Africa United Neukolln Unlimited
Billin'My Love 727 Tage Ohne Karamo Dangerous Games

Festival Impact Lab

November 03, 2015

Impact is the new ‘magic word’. Film festival organisers and filmmakers join efforts to use film as an effective tool for social change, by raising awareness among key influencers and general audiences and through the empowerment of local communities engaged in struggles for social justice. From 20-24 November, during IDFA, Movies that Matter organises a workshop programme for a small group of ambitious film festival organisers, who seek to further develop the impact strategies of their film festival. During this workshop we will dive into the strategic approach of how to best obtain the objectives and present practical tools for impact measurement. Some sessions of this workshop are presented in cooperation with the Impact Academy, a training initiative for Dutch impact producers, and IDFA. These sessions are open to other
invitees and interested people as well. More information about these sessions.

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