EsoDoc Call for Entry

EsoDoc Call for Entry

January 22, 2016

Are you a media maker and want to make a difference with your work? Are you a documentary filmmaker, graphic designer, programmer, game developer or journalist who wants to develop a transmedia project with a social, political or human rights issue in order to create awareness?

ESoDoc - European Social Documentary is the training initiative for cross-thinkers and media professionals, who want to increase impact and outreach of their documentary projects.

ESoDoc offers three intense one-week residential sessions held over a period of six months, combined with extended online sessions for project tutoring, international coproduction and networking with festivals and other market events.

The participants are committed to social issues and eager to explore new creative media forms and communication strategies. The workshop is open for professionals with or without an own project. Participants without a project will team up during the first session with a participant with a project.

The deadline for applying is 29 January 2016. Please apply here or go here for more information.