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MtM Ambassador Lode Kulik about festivalfilm 'A Good American'

February 20, 2016

MtM Ambassador and former Movies that Matter employee, Lode Kulik wrote a blog about the festival film A Good American, which will be screened at the Movies that Matter Festival 2016. 

In this remarkable documentary we meet ‘good American’ William ‘Bill’ Binney, a former high-ranking NSA analyst. He claims to have developed a programme that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks yet was discontinued by his employer in the spring of 2001. Binney is one of the first major whistleblowers in relation to wiretapping by the NSA. Binney is a guest at the Movies that Matter Festival as part of the A Matter of ACT competition.

Lode is Communications Advisor at Netherlands eScience Center. Read the intro to his blog:

Time and again I am struck by examples of how predictable human behavior is. Not that I am good at those kind of predictions (oh no). But as the big digital companies of our time (think Google, Facebook… Amazon!) show you on a daily basis they are well able to predict your next action. What word are you going to type? Are you pregnant? What are you looking for, which book are you about to buy? Amazon even patented something they call ‘anticipatory shipping’; they will ship your package to you before you even know you want to order it! Read more.

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