Movies that Matter On Tour is a spin-off of the annual Movies that Matter Festival. From October until May film theatres in seventeen Dutch cities host a one-off screening of festival favorites. Each month a controversial film or documentary in combination with introductions or Q&A's with inspiring guests.

As of oktober 2016, you can also watch the films at home on demand, via

Movies that Matter On Tour is made possible by various partners.


Intro Islands and the Whales

Between Iceland and Scotland lie the beautiful Faroe Islands. The rocky hills are unsuitable for growling crops so the indigenous people have lived on seabirds and whale meat for centuries. Due to pollution of the ocean their traditional way of living is at risk. The fish are contaminated with mercury and the number of seabirds is declining. Also, there is the criticism of outsiders condemning their whaling traditions.

Mike Day
United Kingdom, Denmark, 2016
Documentary, 84 minutes

Intro - Noces

Zahira is an eighteen-year-old girl who has fun with her friends, goes out clubbing and has a boyfriend. Just like many other Western girls her age. She had a good relationship with her Pakistani parents, until they decide they want to marry her off to someone she doesn’t know. An unexpected pregnancy forces her to make a difficult decision.

Stephan Streker
Belgium, France, 2016
Fiction, 95 minutes

Intro - A Good Wife

In an upper-class suburban neighbourhood of Belgrade, the well to do fifty-year-old Milena lovingly fulfils her role as a traditional mother and wife. An awakening from her carefree life starts when she finds out a dark secret about her husband’s past and simultaneously finds out she has fallen ill.

Mirjana Karanović
Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, 2016
Fiction, 90 minutes


Intro - Raving Iran

Arash and Anoosh dream of carreers as Techno DJ’s, but in Iran this is fairly impossible. So they play at underground parties and try to sell their record without the governments permission. After one of them is arrested, their future dream seems to fade. An invitation to perform at a well-known dance festival in Switzerland opens a door to new possibilities.

Susanne Regina Meures
Switzerland, 2016
Documentary, 85 minutes