Movies that Matter On Tour is a spin-off of the annual Movies that Matter Festival. From October until May film theatres in eighteen Dutch cities host a one-off screening of festival favorites or human rights films that have not yet been screened in the Netherlands.

Movies that Matter On Tour is made possible by several of partners.

From October 2016 - January 2017 we present:



Nanfu Wang

Courageous documentary by young Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang. Armed with her camera, she follows activist Ye Haiyan (Hooligan Sparrow) during her protests against impunity surrounding a sex scandal. Her critical attitude soon makes Haiyan an enemy of the state and the government does everything it can to silence her.

China, United States, 2016
Documentary, 84 min


Den Haag       Filmhuis Den Haag         2 October       15.00

Nijmegen         LUX                                   3 October        19.30

Utrecht              Louis Hartlooper            3 October        19.00

Amersfoort      De Lieve Vrouw               10 October      19.15

Leiden              Kijkhuis                            10 October      19.00

Maastricht        Lumiere                           10 October      19.30

Groningen       Vera Zienema                 11 October       21.00

Hilversum        Filmtheater Hilversum   11 October       20.15

Alkmaar           Filmhuis Alkmaar           11 October       19.30

Middelburg      Cinema Middelburg      11 October       20.00

Amsterdam     Kriterion                            12 October      19.30

Delft                  Filmhuis Lumen             13 October      19.30

Eindhoven       Natlab                              17 October      19.00

Apeldoorn       Gigant                              18 October      19.30

Arnhem           Focus                                19 October      19.00

Dordrecht        Cinema The Movies       27 October     19.15



Joachim Lafosse

A team of NGO workers arrives in restless Chad, where they claim to offer local children shelter and education in a secure compound. The film is based on the L’Arche de Zoé affair, in which a French humanitarian organization abused its status in 2007 to take children out of Chad for French adoptive parents. 

Belgium, France, 2015
Fiction, 112 min



Alexandria Bombach, Mo Scarpelli

Under the Taliban regime, photography was a mortal sin in Afghanistan. But ‘a land without photography is a land without identity’, according to one of the photographers in this stylized tribute to photojournalism. Four brave Afghan photojournalists literally try to establish new frameworks in a country where photography had been banned for years.

Afghanistan, 2015
Documentary, 85 min



Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm

Niels, who is terminally ill, has one last wish before dying: a one-way trip to Switzerland. Maria, a self-conscious nurse, decides to help him. Together they go on a road trip that takes them from Denmark through Hamburg to Switzerland. On the road, they get closer to one another and to realizing their dreams.

Denmark, Germany, 2015
Fiction, 88 min


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