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Movies that Matter Festival

From March 22nd-March 28th 2012 the fourth edition of the annual  Movies that Matter Festival will take place in The Hague. This international film and debate festival embodies engaged cinema as no other film festival does. In the international city of peace and justice, Movies that Matter presents some seventy documentaries and movies made by inspired filmmakers as well as an expansion programme consisting of numerous debates, talk shows and discussions. Read more

Movies that Matter On Tour

Fifteen film theatres throughout the Netherlands take turns to present a newly released film each month, followed by an interesting debate. The movies and documentaries have been imported exclusively for Movies that Matter on Tour. Politicians, journalists, experts and/or directors will participate in the debates following the film’s screening.

Read more.

Movies that Matter Day at IDFA

At the end of November, Movies that Matter stages a human rights film programme in cooperation with IDFA at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. MtM selects a number of high-profile and topical documentaries from this leading festival’s offering, for screening during a special Movies that Matter afternoon session at the Amsterdam Tuschinski theatre. As usual, each film will be preceded by an introduction and followed by a debate or interview. Read more.

Movies that Matter @ home

In collaboration with Trouw newspaper and Amnesty International, Movies has released four DVD boxes, called ‘De Verdieping van Movies that Matter’. Every box contains five international prize-winning films.
The DVD box ‘Right On!’, developed specifically for young people, contains two films and a range of documentaries dealing with children’s rights.
All films are subtitled in Dutch.

Movies that Matter Events

Movies that Matter hosts special screenings for companies and organisations, including previews, lunch screenings and theme-based programmes. Read more.

Movies that Matter @ school

Movies that Matter assists schools in the screening of human rights films. Hand-outs, guest speakers and workshops can be made available to support the screenings.  Educational programmes are presented in Dutch.

Movies that Matter abroad

Furthermore, Movies that Matter supports screenings of human rights films in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As an international expertise centre Movies that Matter provides information about human rights films to organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad. Read more.

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