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Shungu: The Resilience of a People

Saki Mafundikwa
shungu the resilience of a people

'Shungu' follows the lives of ordinary people as Zimbabwe experiences political turmoil, economic meltdown and health care collapse. We see a 30-something metalsmith and opposition supporter who faces political violence, a middle-aged widow running a farm she took over from a white farmer, a doctor working amid health care collapse. Interwoven throughout is the tumultuous political power struggle between President Robert Mugabe, a liberator turned dictator who has been in power since 1980, and his nemesis opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The film gives voice to the hopes and challenges of ordinary people, revealing life under one of Africa’s last “strongmen.”
(IDFA 2009)


Zimbabwe 2009, 60 min.


Gesproken taal: Afrikaans

Ondertiteling: Engels

Nederlandse distributie:

IDFA Bertha Fund

+31 206273329

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ontwikkeling, duurzame ontwikkeling, ontwikkelingshulp
politiek, democratie
vrijheid van meningsuiting, recht op vereniging
recht op huis en land, huisuitzetting, landverdrijving
gezondheid, ziekte & verslaving
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