SPECIAL OFFER FOR NSS delegates, PARTICIPANTS and journalists

    The films, debates and talk show of the ATOMIC programme can be attended free of charge by NSS delegates, participants and journalists.

    Delegates, participants and journalists attending the NSS who wish to visit the festival using the special offer for a free ticket: please make your reservation by calling
    070 3656030 and pick up your ticket at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the screening.

    You'll obtain the free ticket when showing your NSS badge at the boxoffice of Filmhuis Den Haag or Theater aan het Spui.

    Countdown to Zero

    films and debates

    The film and debate programme ATOMIC sheds light on the pros and cons of nuclear energy and raises questions about the dangers of atomic weapons and the usefulness of nuclear technology. Countdown to Zero warns against the dangers of nuclear weapons and how easily they can fall into the wrong hands; while Pandora’s Promise is a passionate plea for nuclear energy, with statements from environmental gurus and former anti-nuclear activists. Beautiful Into Eternity is an open letter to future generations on the subject of Onkalo, a Finnish spent nuclear fuel depository deep below the rocky soil. Grand Central tells the story of lonely and uneducated Gary, who takes on a job at a nuclear power plant in France, and Snake Dance follows in the footsteps of the spiritual father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, and German anthropologist Aby Warburg, who conducted research among the Pueblo Indians from Los Alamos in 1900.
    More information about the debates and guests will be published in the upcoming weeks.


    In the evening of March 25th, at 20.30 the ATOMIC talkshow with international guests will take place in the Theater aan het Spui. Both national and international guests,  with participants such as Bruce Blair (Global Zero), Kirsty Alexander (Nuclear Industry Association) and Chang-Hoon Shin (director of the Asan Nuclear Policy and Technology Center), will discuss various topics such as:  the danger of nuclear disasters and terrorism and the outcomes of the NSS.
    The talkshow is hosted by Jeroen Kramer and can be attended for free.

    Into Eternity

    border sessions festival presents: 'security sessions'

    More events related to the NSS take place outside the Movies that Matter Festival location. Check www.summitweek.nl for information.
    An example:

    How do you deploy weapons of mass destruction without being destroyed by them? Are we on the brink of a new arms race — or worse, nuclear war? These questions and more will be answered on March 23rd at the Nuclear Security Sessions, organised by the international technology festival Border Sessions. The Nuclear Security Sessions is special public side-event touching on the same themes as the Nuclear Security Summit and presents a varied international programme with literature, debate, inspiring speakers and artists.