5 Minutes of Freedom

Kirill Sakharnov / Ksenia Sakharnova

Russia 2012, 86 min.


Spoken language: Russian

Subtitles: English

August 1968 marked the Red Square protest of seven people against the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Five minutes of freedom cost the protesters years in prison. What is the price of freedom in Russia today?


On August 25, 1968, a group of seven people gathered on Red Square in Moscow to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. Five minutes of freedom at the main Soviet Square cost these protesters years in camps, exile and prison. In the film we meet the surviving protagonists of that protest and show the new generation of fighters for democratic rights in present-day Russia. The camera follows young activists of the opposition movement, helping us to find the answer to the question: who are the dissidents of the new era? And what sacrifices are they willing to make in order to live in a democratic society?

The film is part of the NLRF 2013 programme. The Movies that Matter Festival will organise an exchange programme with the Russian Stalker Festival in Moscow.



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