Amnesty! When They Are All Free

James Rogan

United Kingdom 2011, 69 min.


Spoken language: Arabic, English, French, Czech, Creole, Egyptian

Subtitles: Dutch, English

Amnesty International celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in May 2011. This probing documentary brings together employees, released prisoners, former presidents and celebrities to shed their light on how Amnesty International has changed the world, and how the world has changed Amnesty International.


Amnesty International has been irritating presidents and harassing dictators for half a century. When They Are All Free reveals how a ‘letter-writing organisation’ has developed into one of the world’s most influential NGOs. Nowadays, Amnesty International is a multinational movement that is trying to hold its ground in a world full of fresh challenges.  

The camera follows new Secretary General Salil Shetty as he attempts to equip the organisation for a future in which the movement is far from secure. It also follows Amnesty International's researchers on trips to Haiti and Egypt where they look into the human rights abuses going on. But what exactly is the importance of human rights to people who are struggling to stay alive?  



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