Marilyn Haimé

Adrian Arena

Marilyn Haimé retired in 2017. In her working life she made career in government functions especially in Constitutional Affairs and Legislation, and Integration Policy. Human Rights are an important drive for her in her paid work as well as in her unpaid activities. Nowadays she holds governance functions at various NGO's, such as Amnesty International Nederland. 

Adrian Arena started the International Human Rights Programme as its first staff member in February 2003. Since then it has evolved into a team comprising 8 staff, largely focused on civil and political rights, and working at both the national and international level. Adrian also serves as the Chair of Oak Foundation’s Joint Brazil Programme.  

Joey Boink

Clarice M.D. Gargard

Joey Boink is a documentary filmmaker from the Netherlands. After his studies in political science he directed Burden of Peace  about a Guatemalan prosecutor fighting corruption. It screened at more than 50 film festivals worldwide and premiered at the Movies that Matter Festival in 2015.  He currently works on Terror, an internationally distributed documentary series produced by Topkapi Nonfiction and NTR. 

Clarice M.D. Gargard is a journalist , NRC-columnist en programmaker. She works for a.o. BNNVARA, AT5, Vogue en Vice. Besides this she is a social advocate for society. In 2019 she will be representing the Netherlands as the UN Women’s Representative and will speech on women’s rights during the General Assembly of the UN. 

Rebecca Lichtenfeld

Rebecca Lichtenfeld is a Brooklyn-based human rights advocate, producer and Director of Social Impact Media at the Bertha Foundation. Guided by the belief that media and the arts play a vital role in the advancement of human rights, Rebecca has created, produced, and executed ‘creative advocacy’ projects involving filmmakers, artists, heads of state, and organizers from around the globe.