Visual Human Rights

From 4-29 March you can visit the Visual Human Rights exhibition in the Atrium (The Hague).  Hoessein Alkisaei photographed organisations and individuals in The Hague that represent the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Read more.

Meet the Activist

This exposition enables you to get to know the background of the eight human rights activists that are part of the Activist programme of this year. You can visit this expo in the lobby of Theater aan het Spui. 

Video Expo: Tierra van Regina José Galindo

The Guatemalan artist and activist Regina José Galindo constructed the video installation Tierra as a protest against the ex-president of Guatemala, José Efraín Ríos Montt, who is convicted for genocide and crimes against humanity. Tierra is located in the lobby of Theater aan het Spui during the festival.

Powered by the activists and the Prins Claus Fonds.

Hybrid Peace, Stroom Den Haag

Stroom Den Haag presents a collaboration with the artistic and activist platform Visual Culture Research Centre from Ukraine, named Hybrid Peace. In today’s international status quo, a regime of hybrid peace prevails, where the hybrid nature of war affects political and social conditions far beyond the agents involved in the war alone. Read more.