Winners #MtMF19

Unfortunately the Movies that Matter Festival has come to an end. We look back to a successful festival, with nine days of impressive films and inspiring Q&A’s, expositions, VR Cinema and much more. During the Best of #MtMF19 on Saturday 30 March filmmaker and presenter Elena Lindemans announced the winner of the BNNVARA Audience Award. This year the audience chose the eye opening film Ghost Fleet, from the Activist Competition.

BNNVARA Audience Award
The BNNVARA Audience Award consisting of € 5.000 prize money was awarded to directors Shannon Service and Jeffrey Waldron for their film Ghost Fleet about modern slavery in Thailand. The film shows how thousands of men are yearly forced to work on fishing boats day and night; they aren’t getting paid and sometimes are away from home for many years.

Ghost Fleet was awarded twice during the festival: the film also won the Activist Documentary Award and € 5.000 prize money for the best documentary from the Activist competition. Shakila Ibrahimkhail from the film Facing the Dragon from director Sedika Mojadidi was awarded the Activist Human Rights Award and € 5.000 prize money. In Facing the Dragon two women refuse to remain silent in a by men dominated Afghanistan. Nilofar Ibrahimi, one of the few women in the Afghan parliament, and jourlanist Shakila Ibrahimkhail must fight to survive in a country where ‘patriarchy is over the top’.

Camera Justitia
During the Camera Justitia Night chairman of the jury Ivar Nijhuis awarded the Camera Justitia Award to Mads Brügger for his controversial documentary Cold Case Hammerskjöld. In this film Brügger and private detective Göran Bjorkdahl attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld. Their search leads them to something much bigger than the murder of a UN secretary. Cold Case Hammerskjöld is screening in Dutch cinemas from April 4th and online through Picl (distribution: Cinema Delicatessen).

Dutch Movies Matter
For the second year in a row films by Dutch makers could participate in the Dutch Movies Matter Competition. In this competition no less than 4 Dutch films had their world premiere: the BNNVARA production Stad van twee lentes by Laurens Samsom and Frederick Mansell, the documentaries Drømmeland by Joost van der Wiel , From Ghetto to Parliament by Thimaud de Driesen and the BNNVARA documentary Daddy and the Warlord by Shamira Raphaëla and Clarice Gargard. Also in the Activist competition a Dutch director had it’s premiere: Onverharde weg naar vrede by director Jaap van 't Kruis.
During the Dutch Movies Matter Night jury chairman Silvia van der Heiden handed out the Dutch Movies Matter Award and € 5.000 prize money to the winning director Sacha Polak for her film Dirty God.

Students' Choice
The Students’ Choice competition was established this year through a partnership with Leiden University. A student Jury awarded the documentary The Feeling of Being Watched with the Students’ Choice Award (and € 1.500).

The next edition of the Movies that Matter Festival takes place in The Hague from Friday 20 - Saturday 28 March 2020.