Awards ceremony


From left to right: 1. Director Taco Ruighaver with presenter Anouschka Laheij, 2. Cécile Koekkoek of the VARAgids gives the VARAgids Audience Award to Miraz Bezar of Min Dit, 3. Chair of the Students' Choice jury gives the award to the makers of The Green Wave, 4. MovieSquad AllRights Jury, 5. Lousewies van der Laan gives Camera Justitia Award to Juan Luis Lozano of Impunity, 6. Bianca Jagger gives the A Matter of ACT Award for Best Documentary to Sister Fa of Sarabah, 7. Bianca Jagger gives human rights award of A Matter of ACT to Ayed Morrar of Budrus, 8. The winners.

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

World premiere and talkshow 'When They Are All Free'


V.l.n.r.: 1. Amnesty The Netherlands director Eduard Nazarski (r) and journalist Frénk van der Linden, host of the evening, 2. James Rogan, internationally acclaimed  film- documentary- and commercial director, 3. Bianca Jagger during the talkshow, 4. Professor and director at the Birkbeck Institute for Humanities, Costas Douzinas, 5. Lars van Troost from Amnesty International, 6. A crowded lobby at Theater aan het Spui on Tuesdaynight.

Photos: Stefan Gan

African beats at Sunday evening


Because of Africa Day several African artists performed in the crowded foyer of Theater aan het Spui.

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

World premiere Justice for Sergei


From left to right: 1. Andrei Nekrasov, 2. Presenter William Browder, Marietje Schaake, Andrei Nekrasov and Hans Hermans, 3. Marietje Schaake

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Debate Sarabah


From left to the right: 1. Sister Fa (right), 2. James Owie, the Nigerian ambassador of 'Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenissen', 3. Zahra Naleihe from the Federation 'Somalische Associatie Nederland', 4. Researcher Marja Extercate, 5. Rabin Baldewsingh, 6 en 7: debate after the screening of Sarabah.

Photo: Arie Raaphorst

A Matter of ACT Night


From left to right: 1. Presenter Astrid Joosten, 2. Eduard Nazarski and Hina Jilani, 3. A Matter of ACT gasten, 4. Chris Mburu, 5. Hilde Back, 6. Jane Wanjiru Muigai, 7. Sister Fa

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Talkshow Migration


From left to the right: 1. Stef Blok (VVD), 2. Sabine Park from Amnesty International, 3. Filmmaker Augustino Imondi, 4. Bright Richards, intercultural trainer and founder of New Dutch Connections, 5. Talkshow in the foyer from Theater aan het Spui by Jacobine Geel.

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Q&A A Small Act


Q&A Hilde Back, Jane Wanjiru Muigai

Photos: Jan Willem Groen

Debate Blood in the Mobile


From left to right: 1. Presenter Jeroen Kramer, Judith Sargentini (Groen Links), Jurgen Anthoni (Nokia), Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld (KPN) and Tim Steinweg (SOMO), 2. Judith Sargentini, 3. Tim Steinweg

Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Debate Camp Victory, Afghanistan


From left to right: Lars van Troost, Willem van de Put, Antoinette de Jong, Candace Rondeaux and Carol Dysinger.

Photos: Jan Willem Groen

Workshop Kim Longinotto


Photos: Jan Willem Groen

Presentation Henk Wilschut


Photos: Jan Willem Groen

World premiere The Mobile Cinema


From right to left: 1. Solar Mobile Cinema square in front of Theater aan het Spui, 2. Anouschka Laheij interviews Ilse and Femke van Velzen, 3. Ilse and Femke van Velzen, Anouschka Laheij, Kathleen Ferrier (CDA) and Wassila Hachchi (D66)
Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Opening Camera Justitia


From right to left: 1 Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, 2. Heikelien Verrijn Stuart, 3. Director Barry Stevens, 4. Alice Nkom and Bianca Jagger
Photos: Arie Raaphorst

Masterclass Luis Moreno-Ocampo


Photos: Jan Willem Groen

Opening Movies that Matter Festival 2011


From right to left: 1. Producer Diego Ramirez and protagonists Alvaro Rodriguez and Jorge Herrera of Todos tus muertos arrive at Theater aan het Spui, 2. Mayor Van Aartsen opens the festival, 3. Director of the festival Taco Ruighaver, 4. Presenter Menno Bentveld interviews Diego Ramirez, Alvaro Rodriguez and Jorge Herrera, 5. Festive drink at the foyer of Theater aan het Spui.

Photos: Daniel Willemsen