World premiere Shout


World premiere of 'Shout' with directors Ester Gould and Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Bayan Amash, who is in the documentary. Followed by a performance of Supercity, who also made the soundtrack of the movie.

Q&A Chanson pour Amine


Q&A with journalist Hassnae Bouazza, Nassera Dutour, director Alberto Bougleux and Dutch Algerian film maker, Karim Traïdia.

A Matter of ACT Night


The A Matter of ACT Night with the ten human rights activists of the A Matter of ACT programme. With amongst Rebiya Kadeer, Mandira Sharma, Somaly Mam and Mike Bonanno.

Panel discussion 'Weapon of War'


Directors Femke and Ilse van Velzen, moderator Ruth Hopkins and visitor  (c) Stefan Gan

Panel discussion 'Ceasefire'


Thekla Reuten, moderator Daphne Bunskoek, director Lancelot von Naso, reporter Hans Jaap Melissen

Talkshow 'The 10 Conditions of Love'


Rebiya Kadeer, director Jeff Daniels, moderator Garrie van Pinxteren

Opening Camera Justitia


Minister Hirsch-Ballin, Heikelien Verrijn Stuart and conversation with Carel Kuyl, Rebecca Richman Cohen, Wayne Jordash and Christopher Santora

Youth Party Politics Panel


Chairpersons of the youth branches of the political parties debated about the sense and nonsense of Dutch human rights policy. Moderated by political reporter Ferry Mingelen.

Opening Night


Entrance, director Bahman Ghobadi and Somaly Mam